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 the first step. 

I quit my job a few days ago, suddenly might I note. I don’t say it proudly, because it was not the most honorable thing to do. But it is because I believe in honor, that it became necessary.

YES. I know that you expect the background of how and why I quit my job right away, and I will give you those details because they are important. But before that story drags out into a post, if you’re willing to be patient with me, I have something more important to share. 

My feelings. Because we all have feelings right? 

I’m also going to tell you why I’m here, sharing my life with complete strangers – though perhaps some of you aren’t. But also why you’re here, and what you’ll read about should you decide to stay. 

I can only write about what I know, at least that’s what most should do. Ashley Knows about being 22 in this world,  as it currently is – obvi. And I know how hard and difficult it is to step out on faith, especially faith in yourself. When I quit my job, I felt nothing. I wasn’t particularly happy, nor was I sad. I just felt drained, robbed of precious time and dedication to a company that really never had any interest in making ties. Of course we are all deplorable, but I guess experiencing the menacing face of corporate America was inevitable. It hurt. 

I was angry to be thrown off course. Between us, I felt like my card was pulled and I’m just not the type of woman to just thrown down my hand. I had a plan to stay stationary and finish out the semester, conveniently make some easy money. I had it all figured out, and now I had nothing. I searched Craigslist endlessly for the first 2 days, and even got so serious that I managed to send out a few inquiries. I’ve never had a problem getting another job, just get me the interview. 

But a slow feeling of despair kept growing, and I knew that I wasn’t steering in the right direction. I didn’t have any peace, nothing seemed like it fell on the bright side. I didn’t have the answer then, and I still don’t now. I felt so frustrated that I needed some way to get it out, just to tell someone what I was going through. Somewhere to map it all out.

So here we are. 

That’s the reason for this blog. You are witnessing me submit to the will of my fate and my passions. “Live and In Stereo” as Hannah Baker would say. This is a lifestyle blog, that will develop as I discover a new way to live my life. I’m going to capture my life in posts, day by day for a full year. Hopefully I grow from it, maybe you learn from it. 

Stick around. 



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