Hump Day Updates: unemployed to UNAVAILABLE 

I was loving the first few weeks of unemployement. I was never necessarily reaping the benefits of it: I was still pursuing my associates degree in the midst of it all. But there were some perks, for example: more focused time for my school work and almost more important – ample time for proper sleep. I explored Netflix Originals, DIY-crafts, and even proper cat parenting articles. I started this blog and made so many positive affirmations for the future…

Then I got a job. 

I’ve been pumping out 41 hour weeks for the last 5 weeks – and I’m burnt out. Not to mention, my personal life has been a wreck. I haven’t been able to attend family functions or church events, and it’s affecting my friendships. I can’t decide if I should cut down to part time since school is coming up, or stay busy. But how busy is too busy? 

They say that sacrafice is necessary for any level of success. But at 22 – what is success to me and what am I willing to give up for it? 

I know that a decision will have to be made – but I don’t want to ruin a really great job. After some prayer, and self reflection, I’ll share the course I’ve decided to take. 

Always Moving, 


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