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Date Book, pg. 1 

Activity: Sea Dog 30 Minute Speed Boat Tour

Location/Event: Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Tickets: $28 per person (Groupons Available). One per account on this deal, so have the second phone/account ready and near by!

Expectation: 30 minute speed boat tour of the city. Very low key, sure they say it’s speed boat but we’ll see…


An absolutely beautiful AND exhilarating 30 minutes. We had Peter – a  super dope tour guide – show us the way through about 3 city hot spots. Super informative, I’ve lived here 22 years and had no idea that Grant Park was built on old city ruins. They played some pretty old school, but chill worthy beats as we literally bounced through Lake Michigan. Not like any typical tour, as the water literally splashed us in the face (we were seat at the very front, first two seats from the left.) 

Not sure if the water will be as choppy for you to create the same experience, as we went on a chilly, sixty-five degree day. 

Absolutely worth the cash, and we had such a fun day eating out and enjoying one another.

What’s a fun date that you have/want to participate in? Leave your comment! 



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