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Fleeting Boats Leave Lasting Memories at Chicago’s Navy Pier

Black Box Wines, Check.

Sunglasses, Check.    Selfie Stick, Check.

We stood amidst the cool, Chicago breeze waiting to board the bright yellow beauty of a boat called the SeaDog. As we waited in line, we made casual small talk with our soon to be co-riders and basked in the setting sun along Lake Michigan’s vast horizontal canvas.

Groupon partnered with the popular Chicago SightSeeing agency to bring riders along for a 30-minute crash course into Chicago’s infamous skyline and even more infamous history. Peter, a Chicago native and well-informed tour guide, took command of the boat’s PA system to host us through three of the city’s hot spots.

We began by heading south on the Lake at an exhilarating speeds. Peter talked us through Museum Campus and left lasting knowledge of old city ruins that most who live here have never heard of. Grant Park? More like Grand Ruins. Our Captain whisked us away to the North, where we marveled at views of glistening sky skyscrapers and architectural wonders before we were guided back to the dog house post at Navy Pier.

Speaking of Pups, Speed Dog is dog-friendly! Be sure to purchase a seat for the pup by stopping by the vendor booth prior to boarding.

They kept the vibe playful with old school hits and mixes to compliment the bumpy ride. Not like any typical tour, the Speed Dog literally gets enough hang time for quite a few splashes in the face (we were seated at the very front, first two seats from the left if you’re looking for the best.)

Absolutely worth the price, as we lend a hearty thank you to Groupon for providing the tickets for $28 per registered account.  We had such a fun day eating out, enjoying the pier, and making new memories with one another.

What’s a fun date that you have/want to participate in? Leave your comment!



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