year 2019: February 27th

Today was a good day.

I finally got a ton of cleaning done and got to rearrange the bedroom furniture.

Not too long ago Ry salvaged a beautiful oak dresser. He brought it home, sanded her down, and re-varnished it to perfection. Now it holds my Aloe Vera plant, the TV, and my essential oil diffuser. LOL.

Having a clean and organized home is just such a great feeling. I feel so at peace and just spiritually sound – call me crazy. I absolute love it.

We have reached the halfway mark in our first year of marriage – and yes everything they tell you is true!

It’s been hard, frustrating, and often seems never-ending. But then I look at him and remember every good thing about him, instead of every negative thing my mind wants to focus on.

When I train myself to think this way, I find it seeping into other streams of my life.

Like, maybe my Professor isn’t a raging bull with a personal vendetta against me. Maybe the chick at the grocery store didn’t flick the chip on her shoulder at me for no reason.

Maybe everything actually is just ok. And I’ve been fine with that.

I know it all seems so easily said, and no one ever puts it into practice. But seriously, who can maintain that positive outlook 24/7?

I’m grateful for where we are and where I am in this journey of self discovery.

Let’s talk soon, πŸ˜‰


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