Freelance Gigs

Allie B.

25 | Dog Mom | Freelance Media Manager

Born here in Chicago on the South Side of the City, I’ve witnessed the beauty and beast coexist. With my city as a mecca for creatives, foodies and influencer culture, I have grown up in the age of Social Media Trends. At an early age I realized people are my passion and Digital Content is my vice! I wield my Canon Camera with a mighty tripod, as I take each day one at a time. Previously an agency-brain and hotelier, I’ve combined my love for service with an eagerness to see things from a new prospective behind the lens. I’ve dedicated my time off during COVID-19 to honing my skills and improving my skillset for prospective clients.

Let’s work together to make your visions come true.

The Never-Ending List of Skills and Hobbies:
  • Content Creation
  • Social Management

  • Canon Photography
  • Social Consultations